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International Baccalaureate IB Program

The Hoover City Schools International Baccalaureate Program (located at Hoover High School) allows our students to receive a world class, comprehensive education. 

Hoover High became an authorized IB World School in 1997, with our first graduates in 1998. Since then our students have routinely scored above the state, national, and worldwide average on their IB exams.

Over 3,300 IB schools worldwide serve over a million students in 144 countries. Hoover High is one of more than a dozen high schools in Alabama that offers the IB Program. We have the second-largest IB Program in the state with approximately 300 students in grades 9-12. 

Students complete the IB Program during their junior and senior years of high school. Students choose IB classes in which they complete projects, labs and papers that are graded both by the classroom teacher and outside examiners. IB students also take end-of-course exams which are graded externally. Upon completion of these courses, students receive official IB scores which may earn college credit. Because IB is designed to be an interdisciplinary program, students must take at least two IB classes during each year of 11th & 12th grades. Students who earn passing scores in six IB subjects and satisfy the IB core requirements of CAS, EE and TOK may attain the prestigious IB Diploma.

The IB Diploma is more than a collection of classes. IB Diploma students complete and document a series of experiences that focus on creativity, physical activity, and community service. Students submit written reflections explaining how these experiences meet prescribed learning outcomes. Students have a great deal of flexibility and responsibility in completing CAS in order to develop their own skills and interests.

IB Diploma students complete an extended essay (EE) on a topic of their choice, which allows them to engage in original, independent research with assistance from a faculty supervisor. One recent extended essay studied the ecosystem of the Cahaba River watershed that borders the HHS campus; the student’s work won a statewide competition -- and received an A from IB examiners.

IB Diploma students also complete the Theory of Knowledge (ToK) course, which examines various ways of understanding the world around us and asks students to consider and question “how they know what they know.”  This class helps bring together the knowledge from different academic areas and enhances students’ critical thinking, public speaking, and presentation skills.

Whether taking IB courses or pursuing the IB Diploma, IB students are exceptionally well-prepared for success in college and life.

**Students who are interested in taking IB classes in grades 11 and 12 but did not participate in Pre-IB 10th grade classes need to schedule a meeting with the IB Coordinator to make sure they have all necessary information about the program.

Want even more information about HCS IB?

Contact the IB Coordinator, Melissa Hamley in Office G201, or 439-1371

Also check out the Hoover City Schools IB Program Webpage.